Bedtime: Why Can It Become So Difficult?

Bedtime. It can be a struggle, it can be a pain. But it’s something parents need to deal with on a day to day basis, so why is it so hard?

It really doesn’t make any sense. You’d expect after a whole day of running around, screaming and playing that they’d be pretty tired. It’s funny but it seems once they hear the word bedtime, their mind goes into overdrive and suddenly the rest of the day felt like a relaxing day at the spa.

We go through the routine of bath time or showers, brushing their teeth, putting their pj’s on and some quiet time before bed and suddenly the second wave of energy rolls in – “I’m hungry, I’m not tired, there’s a monster in my closet!” Any excuse to get out of bed and not go to sleep.

“Why is this happening?!” You may end up asking yourself. Don’t worry, there are reasons why this happens and we have the answers!


One potential cause for sleep problems may be the technology we use to help and entertain us during the course of the day. It may make life more enjoyable and easier but it does come with side effects. There are 3 main ways that technology impacts your child’s sleep.

  • The light our electronic devices emit actually suppress melatonin production which is the key sleep inducing hormone our body produces. Anything that has a white, blue, green or pink light should be avoided at least an hour before bed.
  • Most electronic devices are mentally and physically stimulating.
    When we let our children use devices in bed or even in their bedroom, then we create a learned association of the space being a place for study or socialising and not a place for sleeping.
  • Dr. Charles Czeisler, Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine recently said that, “Electric light emitted by most devices signal to the brain that it is daytime. When we let our children use these devices before getting ready for bed, they suppress the nightly release of melatonin in the brain shifting the child’s internal clock.”


Glow Dreaming uses red LED light therapy. Much like the light emitted by technology tells the brain its daytime, red LED light therapy tells the brain it’s time for bed. By mimicking the colours associated with sunset it helps combat the impact of technology and readjusts our children’s internal clocks.
Glow Lullaby organic medicinal grade essential oil helps calm and relax the most active mind and bodies. By utilising ultrasonic technology rather than heat to turn the water and essential oil into mist Glow Dreaming ensures Glow Lullaby reaches the brain within 22 seconds. Glow Lullaby is made from proven calming and sleep inducing pure essential oils. Being organic and medicinal grade the purity of the essential oils being used by Glow Dreaming is unrivalled in the industry.
Glow Dreaming continues to grow as a company and has well and truly proven itself as the most effective way to help children and even adults get the sleep they need.

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