I’m scared the red light will disrupt my child’s sleep why do I even need it?

So many parents initially run their Glow Dreaming without the red LED light. They’re scared it will unsettle their child, who’ve gotten used to sleeping in perfect darkness. While there will be a period of adjustment when introducing the new and exciting object into their room, which may cause a few extra wake ups in the first couple of nights, the LED is there to provide comfort for your bub and will stimulate the production of melatonin in their body. It is actually better than sleeping in complete darkness!

At this point I could go into why I think red LED light therapy is the bomb and the reasons we’ve built it into the Glow Dreaming, but my PHD is still in the mail so I’m going to hand it over to the experts at NASA.

“Sleep deprivation can cause lower performance, decreased memory, and even sickness. So, if you spend your life orbiting Earth on a $150B spacecraft, you’re going to take sleep seriously. NASA, responding to an epidemic of insomnia, is ready to give the International Space Station (ISS) an LED makeover.
Living in the noisy, high-pressure ISS makes sleep difficult. The result: roughly half of all astronauts, at some point, take sleep medication. It’s a quick fix, but it can cause dependency and inhibit astronauts’ ability to wake up suddenly for an emergency. You don’t want zombie-like astronauts, or drug-addicted ones.
NASA’s new solution taps into the human brain’s response to light cycles. The agency is spent US$11.2 million to outfit the ISS’ U.S. section with LED lights. The lights were installed in 2016 and simulate nature: blue in the morning, white during the day, and red in the evening.

The bluish hue tricks the brain into suppressing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, and increasing energy-producing melanopsin. Reddish LED’s have the opposite effect, inducing drowsiness by stimulating melatonin production”.

This blue light NASA that talks about is exactly the same light you find in all your screens and standard lights. When your child looks at any screen it is suppressing melatonin production and making sleep harder to achieve. In today’s high tech world our children are being introduced to screens at an extremely early age. Red LED light therapy combats this and helps reset your child’s internal clock.

It is often recommended that the best sleep is achieved in perfect darkness and in theory that’s a great idea but too often it is simply unrealistic. More recent studies have shown that getting bubs accustomed to perfect darkness is actually causing sleep issues as your child gets older. Too often it simply can’t be achieved. Glow Dreaming not only helps your child get use to not requiring perfect darkness but also trains the body to produce the natural hormone melatonin in the evening when it’s needed.

Don’t be scared to use the red LED light, embrace it and have a little patience because on the other side of the little bump you may experience is a life time of beautiful deep sleep.

If you have any questions or queries please remember we are always there to help so don’t ever be afraid to get in touch.

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