You’re not in this alone

Backed by scientific research

Glow Dreaming has worked with the world’s leading experts to bring the latest patented sleep technology to your bedtime routine. Scientifically engineered to make sleep easier than ever before.

28 day return policy

Glow Dreaming has quickly become the world’s most successful children’s sleep aid. Be it print, news or social media, Glow Dreaming has been hailed the must have product providing quality sleep. All backed by a no questions asked return policy.

Personalised sleep program

Never before has any sleep product offered a team of dedicated sleep specialists to support their product. Our Glow Sleep Specialists are here to help you and ensure you all get the sleep you need.

How we've helped others

I have been a zombie for 5 months. My bub wanted only to co-sleep with me holding him a certain way and was waking every 30 minutes day and night. One week into Glow Dreaming sleep and my son is sleeping and self-settling in his own room.

Karah Parnis

When I first received my Glow Dreaming, I had no success…But I emailed instead and have been talking to Brit who gave some suggestions on things I was doing wrong… now onto our second night of Isla going to bed without an issue. I just wanted to say thank you so much! I’m actually now bored wondering what I can do instead!

Rebecca Stimpson

After two unsuccessful stints in sleep school, two private sleep consultants, countless nights of crying it out, patting to sleep, co-sleeping and even medicating… I cannot believe I am writing these words but Glow Dreaming has changed my life… we noticed small improvements straight away and bit by bit he settled faster and slept longer until he was sleeping through the night.

Melanie Lee

Your customer service team (Steven) went above and beyond to help me out when I emailed in regards to my Glow Dreaming. 
He was more then happy to help, I cannot express how grateful I am.


Is the hype real?

“That’s exactly what it feels like, a miracle.  Check it out for yourself and let me know how it goes. I’m crossing everything you have the same success” – Melissa Wilson, Kidspot

“A new sleep aid that helps babies and young kids drop off with virtually no effort is being hailed as a godsend by weary mums across Australia.” – Emilia Mazza, Daily Mail

“Glow Dreaming isn’t just for kids either, anyone can use it and with the aromatherapy component, it is a great tool to help anyone of any age unwind.” Shona Hendley, Mamamia

“News of a new sleep aid which helps little ones nod off super easily is being hailed as an absolute must-have.” Marie Claire Dorking, Yahoo

“We are up to day six, and this little machine is nothing short of amazing.” New Idea